We are on a mission to reduce single-use waste in the take-away industry by empowering reusables.

Our service includes a user-friendly app supported by QR tracking system. We provide you a stock of smart reusables which are safe and durable plus a marketing collaterals kit for your store.

We are constantly looking for local partners to bring scalable solutions to the plastic waste in Indonesia. If you are interested in getting CUPKITA™ Reusable Cups, fill in your details below. We will get back to you shortly.


Muuse has partnered with Enviu to launch Indonesia’s first reusable cup service to promote circular economy and eliminate single-use waste. CUPKITA™, powered by Muuse, has partnered with local cafes, giving Indonesians access to return & reuse coffee cups across Central and South Jakarta.

CUPKITA™ is a joint venture between Enviu and Muuse, supported by Enviu’s subsidiary organisation, Zero Waste Living Lab, a market development program to ideate, test and build small scale initiatives to strive on a larger scale. The Lab builds upon existing landscapes to install and deploy reusable systems.

“ “We’re incredibly excited to facilitate the launch of a reusable system in Jakarta. With Enviu and CUPKITA™ we have found a perfect partner. we are learning from one another, navigating larger decision points with grace, and continuing to find new opportunities for expansion.”

The Impact
The average coffee store in Jakarta sells around 125 single-use cups per day while the biggest chains sell up to 1,000. By using reusable cups, each store can save up to 2,100 kg of waste. These figures show a huge business and impact potential for CUPKITA™ to enable circular consumption in Jakarta. This reusable  system creates a seamless process that is a convenient way to reduce single-use waste, for both businesses and customers. 

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